5 ways singing in a choir can make you healthier?

Can singing in a choir make me healthier? is the caption, ya, we will be taking a look at Benefits of singing in a Choir; how it affects your health and living.

Singing anywhere?

Whether you sing while in the bathroom/tub, together with your kids or on the soccer stadia/stadium, singing is fun. Singing anywhere helps and whenever you do it and do it well, it is more fulfilling.

can singing makes you healthier? - People singing

But singing with a choir is more than trifle of fun. It has been scientifically confirmed that it’s sensible for your health: from burning a lot of chemical element in the blood, to increasing the flow of feel-good hormones and improves mental health.

So simply put, singing in a choir actually increases your health state leaving you even healthier and vibrant. It doesn’t end there…

Interaction & performance:

When a choir performs, a variety of chemical changes happens within the bodies of the singers that boost their psychological state.

Choir performance can make you healthier

While singing in a choir, there is consciousness of not making mistake and at the same time the brain is working, this does not only increase the functionality of the memory but also brings fulfillment when you know you have scored a song in the right pattern and can sing it without music sheets.

Harmonize and socialize:

There is a lot of alternative advantages for one to get engaged in a choir and sing: there’s the social aspect, the prospect to make new friends and associate with people who have an interest in music.

It can even be a true bonding experience. A recent study found that after just one choir practice, individuals fell nearer to each other more than when there are in a normal school classroom.

And, maybe we will not all be another Luciano Pavarotti, Andre Boccelli or Christina Aguilera, by singing in a choir with tonic solfa notes and music sheets, we have the tendency to improve our musical ability and deepen our understanding of music. Learning one thing new helps boost shallowness and confidence.

More and a lot of people appear to be taking the musical plunge. There are more than a million choir across Nigeria (using tonic solfa sheets or not). So, given that singing in the choir causes you to feel sensible, and improves your health, why not be part of it?

Keeping the body in tune

As well as keeping you in the right frame of mind, singing will improve our health in a variety of ways including body building. While singing there is always a posture you must be in other to strike the notes with ease which in turn strengthen not just the vocals but also the body structure.

Interview: Carrie Grant, presenter, and vocal coach joins a choir to hear how they experience the health benefits.

Can singing in a choir make me healthier?

Carrie: I love the sound of the human singing voice…and even better when it’s in a group. It’s not just great to listen to – science shows that it’s actually good for the singers too. Whether they’re in a community choir, church choir or just a group of friends together, singing causes actual changes in the body, changes that make us happier and healthier.

What benefits do they feel from singing together?

Choir member: It lifts your soul and you just feel so fantastic afterwards.

Choir member: It just really makes me feel energised.

Choir member: It’s a bit like going to the gym, afterwards you feel buzzing.

Carrie: The choir are benefiting from the fact that singing is an aerobic activity. When we breathe in for singing, we relax these tummy muscles, the lungs fill with air and oxygen goes straight into the bloodstream, improving our circulation. But it’s not just physical changes. When we sing, chemical changes take place that make us feel good.

Choir member: As soon as I get there and see everybody’s smiling faces, I can just feel the stress…go.

Choir member: When you’ve left you think ‘yes, that was good’ and you get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from it.

Carrie: So if you don’t already, why don’t you give it a go?

Join a choir – it’s guaranteed to make you feel healthier, happier and more upbeat about life.

And if you’re a bit nervous about singing in public, a choir is the perfect setting…there’s safety in numbers!

Sing praises!

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