Bad Habits of female choristers during Choir practices

The Choir practice should be like a school in a church. It should be taken seriously. One of my mentors rightly put it:

The Choir practice is a serious fun

But it is very pathetic that our female chorister don’t understand this fact.

Here are top 3 bad habit of female choristers during Choir practices

1. Biting Gum

Girl chewing gum - Bad habit of female choristers

Do you realize that a few women can’t simply remain for a few minutes without an action going ahead in their mouth? They simply need their mouth to dependably be moving.

The propensity for biting gum in the choir, amid practice, mass or administration is not cool. It will be incredible on the off chance that you halt from it.

2. Indecent Dressing

Gee. A woman who is an offender of obscene dressing may question this and say “wouldn’t someone be able to wear his garments once more?”

No sort of garments dear. You shouldn’t come to choir with a short skirt as a soprano and sit in front. You may befuddle your conductor. Indeed don’t wear a short ‘thing’, it gives individuals a wrong discernment about you.

With respect to pants, well, that is a point for one more day. On the off chance that you see a sister wearing “something” short, adjust her affably.

3. Gossip

This may confound now and again, on the grounds that numerous women say it’s not chatter. “Na essence we dey significance.”

My dear, on the off chance that you no go fit talk about that tin in front of the individual wey you dey discuss, na gossip be that oo.

Thus dear women, let us accomplish a greater amount of ‘conversing with individuals’ and less of ‘discussing individuals.’

Chorister (Female) Gossip - Bad Habits of female choristers during Choir practices

Chorister (Female) Gossip

Do you realize that a few men chatter as well? Loathsome right? All things considered, how about we put a stop to that, and the choir will be a superior place.

For instance,

In a delicate voice,

“Abigail, have you listened? Them talk say, them say choirmaster dey commot with sister Nkiru. Well. That young lady eh?”

This is talk, tie and cast it from your life.

Dear Choristers, nobody is impeccable, yet we can endeavor to be as near immaculate as could be expected under the circumstances. May God help us in our attempts and give us the quality to be better Choristers. So be it!

In the event that you feel this message may be useful to somebody, don’t delay to share!


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