Christmas make my heart your cradle

Make my heart your cradle is a Christmas hymns composed in 2018 to bring a new flow and flair to Christmas for the year. it is a solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF now.

Christmas hymn – Make my heart your cradle solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Alexander Okonkwo
  • Language: English

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Make my heart your cradle Lord this Christmas this Christmas
Make my heart your cradle Lord O Lord this Christmas

1. Swaddled in clothes o dear Lord it was cold but you neared it all
You slept in a manger in a stable

2. My heart is ready O Lord it was cold but here I am Lord
Come into my heart O Lord Come in O Lord

3. Down on my knees I revere I was cold but I’ve turned
Don’t let me fall again hold me help me

4. We pray for peace in our hearts we were cold but we pray for love
And hope and joy from you grave us O Lord

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