I come to thee once more Lord!

  • Title: I come to thee once more Lord! never will I roam.
  • Composer(s): Frederick William Faber/Johannes Thomas Rüegg
  • Type: Tonic sol-fa choral score
  • Notation: Solfa (SATB)
  • Purpose/Occasion: Communion
  • Language: English

 I come to thee once more, Lord!

Lyrics of I come to thee once more Lord! / The End of Man

1. I come to thee once more, my God!
no longer will I roam;
for I have sought the wide world through,
and never found a home.

2. Though bright and many are the spots
where I have built a nest,
yet in the brightest still I pined
for more abiding rest.

3. Riches could bring me joy and power,
and they were fair to see;
yet gold was but a sorry god
to serve instead of thee.

4. The honour and the world’s good word
appeared a nobler faith;
yet could I rest on bliss that hung
and trembled on a breath?

5. The pleasure of the passing hour
my spirit next could while;
but soon, full soon my heart fell sick
of pleasure’s weary smile.

6. More selfish grown, I worshipped health,
the flush of manhood’s power;
but then it came and went so quick,
it was but for an hour.

7. And thus a not unkindly world
hath done its best for me;
yet I have found, O God! no rest,
no harbour short of thee.

8. For thou hast made this wondrous soul
all for thyself alone;
ah! send thy sweet transforming grace
to make it more thine own.


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Sing Praises! To the Lord!

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