It is Payback time by Jude Nnam

It is payback time by Jude Nnam in solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF

It’s payback time solfa music sheet

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Verse 1: I believe that Jesus Died for me, a sacrifice beyond my understanding, offering himself in place of me. Oh! how can i repay the lord.

Refrain: Father, to you we offer, Oh, my Jesus, to you this gift we bring, Holy Ghost accept this offering, which we offer unto to you.

Verse 2: I believe all that the scripture said, about the Love beyond my understanding, forgiveness, beyond comprehension, O! how can i repay the lord?

Verse 3: Teach me Lord, to love as i ought, teach me Lord, to love you all my life time, spreading love wherever i find myself, Oh! How can i repay the Lord.

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