Keep my soul in peace

  • Title: Keep my soul in peace
  • Composer(s): by Tsado Daniel
  • Type: Tonic sol-fa notation sheet music
  • Notation: Solfa (SATB)
  • Purpose/Occasion: Psalms, General Hymns
  • Language: English

Keep my soul at your side O Lord! solfa music sheet


Keep my soul at your side is a responsorial psalm from Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary time. It is a general hymn that can be used for any occasion.

Keep my soul in peace at your side Lyrics


Keep my soul in peace at your side at your side O! Lord

Verse 1:

O Lord my heart is not proud nor highty my eyes

I have not gone after things too great nor marvels beyond me.

Verse 2:

Truly I have set my soul in tranquility and silence

As a weaned child on its mother

as a waned child in my soul within me.

Verse 3:

So Israel, wait for the Lord

Both now and forever.

Sing Praises! To the Lord!

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