Twenty Fifth Day of December

Twenty Fifth Day of December

  • Title: Twenty Fifth day of December
  • Composer(s): by Hermon Douglas Brooks
  • Type: Tonic sol-fa notation sheet music
  • Notation: Solfa (SATB)
  • Purpose/Occasion: Christmas Hymns
  • Language: English

Twenty Fifth Day

Twenty Fifth day of December as the name implies is a Christmas Song for all Nigeria choirs in solfa notation music sheet.

Twenty Fifth day of December Lyrics

Verse 1:

Twenty Fifth day of December (2x)

Like the Brightest Light of Burning was the baby Jesus

Born to the Virgin Mother Mary

He was born to the Stable dreary

Fum! fum!! fum!!!

Verse 2:

Birds up on the tree top singing Fum Fum Fum (2x)

Leave your babies now and fly to where the Holy babe does lie

Build a nest for him to sleep in, soft and safe

Wherein to keep him Fum fum fum.

Verse 3:

Bright stars shining in the heavens (2x)

If you see the baby crying, do not answer with a sigh

But por all your brightness on him

Barnish darkness all around him fum fum fum.

Sing Praises! To the Lord!

Christmas Songs for choirs. Nigeria solfa notation Christmas hymns.

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