Osee Praise by James Varrick

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Osee Praise by James Varrick

  • Title: Mwhuri So
  • Composer(s): by James Varrick Armaah
  • Type: Tonic sol-fa notation sheet music
  • Notation: Solfa (SATB)
  • Purpose/Occasion: General Hymns
  • Language: Ghanian

Osee Praise

Osee Praise is a Ghanian composed music sheet – An Halleluya Song by James Varrick in solfa notation music sheet.

Osee Praise Lyrics

Halleluya Praise the Almighty God

Praise Him he is worthy of our Praise!

Oh! Praise God, He is worthy of our praise

Halleluya Halleluya

Osee Yee, Halleluya, Osee Yee

Sing Praises! To the Lord!

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