Doo M Nso [Solfa notation]

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Doo M Nso in solfa notation music sheet for an SATB choir. Download free PDF

Doo M Nso solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Music by Chidi Okwu / Arranged by Sir. Chuma Chukwuka
  • Language: Igbo Catholic hymn

Download free choir song in solfa music sheet


Onyenwem, O – nyenwem sachapum mehie mo N’edu mo n’azu-kwa mo
Onyenwem Onyenwem abu m nke – Gi

me-tum’ aka Gi, we re mu luo olu ebu-be Gi, Chineke m’o, doo m nso
Ji-sos, Jisos, Nna mee k’obi m’o di o
mee-ko-bi – m’o mee k’o-bi m’o mee k’o-bi m’o Ji-sos na ra
mo na ra n’e – du m’o, du m’o I – ke I – ke Nye m n’e – du-
m’o wu-sa mon – so Gi Ji sos Ji sos, on – ye ntu kwa-sio – bi

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