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As I look up to the cross [tonic solfa]

As I look up to the Cross

  • Title: As I look up to the cross
  • Composer (s): Unknown
  • Type: Tonic Solfa Music Score
  • Notation: Solfa sheet music [SATB]
  • Purpose/Occasion: Lenten Hymns, Communion
  • Language: English

Short Lenten hymn in tonic sol-fa download for free

As I look up to the Cross Lyrics

I know , I know Christ is my Lord
I’ve come to know He died for me
i say goodbye to the evil world
I know my Lord will care for me
eeeh eeh…

  1. As I look up to the cross on which he diedI can hear him say it is ended

  2. By the blood of Jesus Christ I know I’m saved,I know He doth love me He always says

  3. Christ is calling all sinners to come to Him now,He will take you and wash you off your sin

  4. All who answer to His call will feast with HimAnd i will live, reign with Him forever

  5. You should know that Jesus is all your hopeIf you do forsake Him, you know you have lost

  6. There is no other name on earth and above,I shall live my life in Him forever


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