Behold Among Men by Lucien Deiss

Behold Among Men is a hymn composed and arranged in SATB solfa notation music sheet.

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Behold Among Men solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Fr. Lucien Deiss
  • Language: English choral music

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Refrain: Behold among men, the dwelling place of God they shall be his people and He shall be their Lord and God.

1) People called by God through the world of the prophet, people brought together in the house of the Lord,npeople who attended to their Lord, the Church of Christ the Lord. (Refrain)

2) Temple built by saints, by the martyrs and apostles. Holy temple built-upon Christ the Cornerstone. Holy dwelling place of our God. The church of Christ the Lord. (Refrain)

3) People who are born in the waters of the Spirit. People who are marked by the seal of the Spirit. People in the Spirit made one. The church of Christ, the Lord. (Refrain)

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