Chineke Onyeoma tonic sol-fa | Choirscript    

Chineke Onyeoma tonic sol-fa

Chineke Onyeoma

Chineke Onyeoma simply means Good God.

  • Title: Chineke Onyeoma
  • Composer (s):
  • Type: Tonic solfa free music sheet
  • Notation: Sol-fa [SATB]
  • Purpose/Occasion: Offertory
  • Language: Igbo

Kele Chineke jaa ya mma………. ekene e dimma ehhh. Onyekeruwa onyeoma

Chineke Onyeoma

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  • its almost impossible to download anything from your site. Good scripts are here, but they can’t be downloaded.

    • Hi Umez,

      The scripts are hosted on Google Drive, once you click on the download link, it’s take you to the GDrive script, then you can download.


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