Glory to the Truine God by Alex Okonkwo

Glory to the truine God is a solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF now.

Glory to the tuine God solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Alexander Okonkwo
  • Language: English

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Give glory unto Father Son and Holy Spirit
Give glory to God on high
And peace be unto men that do His will on earth
Glory to God.

1. We give glory to the Father, we praise and bless we adore you glorify Lord God heavenly King O God almighty Father glory to the TRIUNE God

2. Lord Jesus Christ only Son Lamb of God you take away the sins of the world have mercy on us Lord receive our prayer glory to the TRIUNE God

3. You alone are holy alone most high Jesus Christ you are Lord you reign with the Spirit in the glory of the Father glory to the TRIUNE God.

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