Hilarem Datorem by Rev. Fr. Tony Okwy Umeh

A latin choral song composed by Rev. Fr. Tony Okwy titled, HILAREM DATOREM suitable for Presentation of gifts or incensation. Arranged in solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF

Hilarem Datorem solfa music sheet

Download free choir song in solfa music sheet



Hilarem Datorem, Deus Deus,

Deus diligit, deus diligit

Verse 1: Argentum et aurum, non est mi hi, quad au tem ha be o, hoc hoc ti bi do

Verse 2: Ve re di co vo bis, quia vi dan ti, pauper plus quo amnes, qua omnes mi sit.

Verse 3: Heacu ca tem ex e-o, quad dest ili omnem vitum seum

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