I Remember Calvary by James Milton Black

I Remember Calvary by James Milton Black arranged in staff notation music sheet. Download free PDF

I Remember Calvary solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): James Milton Black, William Clark Martin, 1900
  • Language: English

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Verse 1: Where He may lead me I will go, For I have learned to trust Him so, And I re mem – ber – ’twas for me, That He was slain on Cal va- ry.

Refrain: Jesus – shall lead me night and day, Je sus – shall lead me all the way, He is the tru est- Friend to me, For I re mem – ber – Cal va- ry.

Verse 2: O I de light – in His com mand, – Love to be led by His dear hand; His di vine – will is sweet to me, Hal lowed – by blood stained – Cal va- ry.

Verse 3: On ward – I go, nor doubt nor fear, Hap py – with Christ my Sav ior near, Trust ing – that I some day shall see, Je sus – my friend of Cal va- ry.

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