Lead me O Jesus by Ralph Umeg

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Lead me O Jesus solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Ralph Umeh
  • Language:

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Lyrics of Lead me O Jesus

1. Led by no grace I yield to sin, yet in my slumber I boost to live, why would I pride to dwell with the dead, since the wages of sin is death. Oh no, I would never, since my redeemer liveth, I would rather pride with the cross and have myself eternal life.


Lead me O Jesus by your grace, let me be strengthened to carry my cross, to Calvary I need to go where I’ll lay my weakness to rest, then come back strong to walk with you.

2. Led by your grace I’ve come to know that without thee, there is no hope. Though the world might seem to give one but at the end, there would be none. Oh no, I have know that you are my only hope, I will always look up to thee to fetch myself eternal joy.

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