Make me whole again by Alexander Okonkwo

Make me whole again is a solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF now.

Make me whole again solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Alexander Okonkwo
  • Language: English

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Lord I depend on you to make me whole again I pray
I look upon you to make me whole again
Make me see you face to face in this Communion
Make me love you more and more Lord I depend on you
Make me whole when I receive your Body and Blood
I depend on You make me whole again.

1. You said that whosoever comes to you must be pure of heart
Take me Lord I come of my own will Lord
Take me cleanse my soul make me whole again.

2. Here I am O Lord take me here I am O Lord feed me
Here I am O Lord search my soul
Here I am nourish me and make me whole again.

3. No worries for those who trust in you
No shame for those who hope in you
No loss Lord breathe life into my soul anew Oh save me by your power my dear Lord.
I am nothing before you Lord make me whole again

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