O sanctissima! O Purrissima!/O Most Holy One! | Choirscript    

O sanctissima! O Purrissima! [tonic solfa music sheet]

O Sanctissima! O Purrissima! / O Most Holy One

Title: O sanctissima! O Purrissima! / O! Most Holy One!

Composer (s): Odu Foliche

Type: Music Sheet

Notation: Solfa (Soprano, Tenor, Alto and Bass)

Purpose/Occasion: General Hymn, Marian Hymns

Language: Latin and English

O sanctissima! O Purrissima! is a latin song for May and October devotions to Hail Mary, the Queens of Heaven! O Most Holy One! is an English transcription in the music sheet below. Simple and short.

O Most Holy One


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