Priestly People

Priestly People hymn is suitable for entrance especially during an Episcopal visit, composed in solfa notation music sheet. Download free PDF now.

Priestly People solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Fr. Lucien Deiss C.s.s.p
  • Language: English

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Priestly people, Kingly people, holy people.
God’s chosen people, sing praise to the Lord.

Verse 1
We sing to you, O Christ, beloved son of the father. We give you praise, O wisdom everlasting and Word of God.

Verse II
We sing to you, O son born of Mary the Virgin. We give you praise, Our Brother, born to heal us, our saving lord.

Verse III
We sing to you, o brightness of splendor and glory. We give you praise, o morning star ANNOUNCING THE COMING DAY.

Verse IV
We sing to you, o light bringing men out of darkness. We give you praise, o guiding light who shows us the way to heaven.

Verse V
We sing to you Messiah foretold by the prophets. We give you praise, o son of David and son of Abraham.

Verse VI
We sing to you, Messiah, the hope of the people. We give you praise, O Christ our Lord and king, humble meek of heart.

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  • antony blackwell
    antony blackwell
    April 9, 2020 at 3:06 pm Reply

    Does anyone have the rest of the verses? There’s about 20 of them – the ones for Lent/Easter aren’t listed.

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