BREATHE CONTROL & EXERCISES Belly Breathing (Also Known As Diaphragmatic breathing) Allows You To Sing at Full Power While Maintaining a Steady, High-Quality Voice. As You Sing While Breathing With Your Belly, Your Voice Rides On The Exhaled Air and Creates The Best Tonal Quality. Belly Breathing is Especially Helpful When Singing For Long Durations […]

Recommended hymns for 4th Sunday in Ordinary time (Year B)

Suggested hymns for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) Theme: Jesus as a healer and teacher – speaking God’s word with authority. 1. A Mighty Fortress is Our God. 2. All Hail the Power of Jesus Name. 3. Be Still and Know that I am God. 4. Christ is Made the Sure Foundation. […]

5 ways singing in a choir can make you healthier?

Can singing in a choir make me healthier? is the caption, ya, we will be taking a look at Benefits of singing in a Choir; how it affects your health and living. Singing anywhere? Whether you sing while in the bathroom/tub, together with your kids or on the soccer stadia/stadium, singing is fun. Singing anywhere […]

What is my voice type? Full steps to determining yours

Each chorister/singer needs to realize what his/her voice type is, yet it’s not generally so natural to make sense of the specifics. Keep reading on to figure out how to discover what your specific voice type is. We will be discussing on how to know if you belong to any of this type of voices listed below […]

Bad Habits of female choristers during Choir practices

The Choir practice should be like a school in a church. It should be taken seriously. One of my mentors rightly put it: The Choir practice is a serious fun But it is very pathetic that our female chorister don’t understand this fact. Here are top 3 bad habit of female choristers during Choir practices 1. […]

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