The Prayer by Ikhioma Daniel | Choirscript    

The Prayer by Ikhioma Daniel

Daniel Ikhioma song, the Prayer is composed in solfa notation music sheet.

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The prayer solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Daniel Ikhioma
  • Language: English

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Lord, i call to you come quickly to me, hear my voice when i call your name, wash me from the stains of my sins, as i pray to you o Lord, answer my prayer. Guide us from dark into light, fill us Lord with the light of the day, make pure our heart and our work we pray. Teach us how to live, how to trust, how to live in harmony, yet virgrace veniam with us.

Give your word of peace, word of strength, word of Faith remain with us all the days of our life, Lord gear our Prayer, Lord hear our prayer.

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