Alpha and Omega by Benedict Paschal

Alpha and Omega is a hymn composed in solfa notation music sheet.

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Alpha and Omega solfa music sheet

  • Composer(s): Benedict Paschal
  • Language:English

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Alpha and omega, the first and last o my darling, receive our sacrifice. Receive them from the hands of your priest like the sacrifice of Abel.

1) bread and wine we give,
Ref: o my darling receive our sacrifice.
Receive them, receive them ref.

2) our heart we give you. ref
Bless us bless us ref. Ch

3) our talent we give you Ref
Bless them bless them. Ref. Ch

4) our wealth we give you Ref
Accept them accept them Ref Ch

5) our lives we give you Ref
Protect us protect us. Ref. Ch

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