ANTICIPATE!!!!! – Countdown to release of O.O.M Vol. 1 Collection by Obioha Ogbonna


Less than 4 weeks to the release of the Order of Mass (O.O.M) Compilation by Obioha Ogbonna

Here is the song list

O.O.M I – Holy Holy Holy(Sanctus in English Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2015)

O.O.M II – Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus (Sanctus in Latin Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2015)

O.O.M III – Lord Have Mercy(Kyrie in English Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2016)

O.O.M IV – Agnus Dei (Agnus Dei in Latin Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2018)

O.O.M V – Nwaturu Nke Chukwu (Agnus Dei in Igbo Language) – Martins Asogwa, Obioha Ogbonna and Victus Eze (2018)

O.O.M VI – Kyrie(Kyrie in Latin Language)- Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M VII – Mai Tsarki(Sanctus in Hausa Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M VIII – Mimo 3x(Sanctus in Yoruba Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M IX – Odo Aguntan(Agnus Dei in Yoruba Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

O.O.M X – Orovwori Naruedon R’avware(Kyrie in Urhobo Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

Bonus Scores

Oluwa Mee Ebere (Kyrie in Igbo and Yoruba Language)- Charles Onwubuya(2015)

Holy Holy Holy (Sanctus in English) – Ehimanre Asuelinmen(2015)

Lamb of God (Agnus Dei in English) – Charles Onwubuya(2016)

Agnus Dei (Agnus Dei in Latin) – Ehimanre Asuelinmen (2016)

O.O.M XIV – Sigapa Pagunugba Kai(Kyrie in Gade Language) – Obioha Ogbonna(2017)

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