Come Let us join our Cheerful songs

Come Let us join our Cheerful songs by Christopher Tye

  • Title: Come Let us join our Cheerful songs
  • Composer (s): Christopher Tye
  • Type: A free digital tonic solfa sheet music
  • Notation: Solfa (SATB)
  • Purpose/Occasion: General
  • Language: English

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  KEY G.  M. 80                                                 ___
 | :d   |d  :-.d |r   :m  |f   :f  |m     :m   |f   :r   |m    :r.d|
 | Come |let  us |join our|cheerful|songs, With|an-  gels|round the|
 | :s,  |l  :-.l,|t,  :t, |d   :f  |d     :d   |l,  :t,  |s,   :l, |
 |      |        |        |        |           |         |         |
 | :m   |m  :-.d |s   :s  |l   :l  |s     :s   |f   :s   |m    :f  |
 | Come |let  us |join our|cheerful|songs, With|an-  gels|round the|
 | :d   |l, :-.l,|s,  :s, |f,  :f, |d     :d   |r   :t,  |d    :f, |

 |t,     :--|    :   |    :   |      :d  |r     :f   |m      :m   |
 |throne,   |        |        |  ___  Ten|thou- sand |thou-   sand|
 |s,     :--|    :   |    :s, |-.l,t,:d  |t,    :d   |d      :-.d |
 |          |        |     Ten|thou- sand|thou- sand |are    their|
 |r      :r |m   :s  |f   :m  |r     :d  |s     :l   |s      :--  |
 |throne,Ten|thousand|thousand|are  their|tongues,But|all         |
 |s,     :--|    :s, |l,  :d  |t,    :l, |s,    :f   |d      :d   |
 |          |     Ten|thousand|thou- sand|are   their|tongues, But| 

 |r     :d  |s      :m  |r   :d    |d   :t,  |d     :--   ||
 |are  their|tongues,But|all their |joys are |one.        ||
 |________  |           |          |         |            ||
 |t,    :l, |       :d  |l,  :l,   |s,  :-.f,|m     :--   ||
 |tongues,  |        But|all their |joys  are|one.        ||
 |--    :m  |m      :d  |f   :-.m  |r   :r   |d     :--   ||
 |     their|joys,   But|all  their|joys are |one.        ||
 |s,    :l, |m,     :l, |f,  :f,   |s,  :s,  |d,    :--   ||
 |all  their|joys,   But|all their |joys are |one.        ||

Transcribed by Warren Steel
from Congregational Anthems, No. 3, by John Curwen.


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