Dreaming of a City (Key G)

Dreaming of a City

  • Composer(s):
  • Language: English
  • Key: G

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 Dreaming of a City Lyrics

I’ve been dreaming of a ci–ty, far beyond the sky where the suffering’s over get my wings and fly.

When Je—-sus says it’s over, oh what joy that will be Where there’s no more dreaming, I’ll be home at last.


I’ve been dreaming of a ci–ty Je—ru-salem, Je—ru-salem, Je——ru-salem, I have been dreaming of a ci—ty Je-ru–salem. My home right up in the sky.

Verse 2

Oh! Sometimes I lose di-rec-tion, Sa—-tan clouds my mind. But Je—sus stds to remind me that I’m a pass—-ing through

Instead of los—-ing heaven I must look to the day where there’s no more dreaming I’ll be home at last. (Ref. 2x)

All my trou-bles will be o’er just a li—-ttle while to go. I shall see him face to face, home right up in the sky. (4x.)

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