Breath control exercise

Belly Breathing (Also Known As Diaphragmatic breathing) Allows You To Sing at Full Power While Maintaining a Steady, High-Quality Voice.

As You Sing While Breathing With Your Belly, Your Voice Rides On The Exhaled Air and Creates The Best Tonal Quality.

Breathe control and exercise for every choir

Belly Breathing is Especially Helpful When Singing For Long Durations of Time And So It Is One Of The Most Preferred Breathing Techniques For Singers.

As You Start Singing, Air In Your Throat Starts Vibrating and Generating Sound. This Air Keeps On Vibrating As You Breathe Out Until You Run Out Of Air.

But If You Breathe Only Using Your Upper Chest, Your Sound Will Be Airy And Weak And You Will Quickly Run Out Of Air Thus Causing Your Voice To Break.

Practicing The Following Breathing Exercise Will Train You In The Correct Art Of Belly Breathing When You Sing.

1. Lay Down With Your Back On The Floor. Keep Your Knees Bent And Pointed Upwards Towards The Ceiling. Keep Your Feet Flat On The Ground and Your Hands On Your Sides.

2. Keep a Slightly Heavy Book On Your Stomach Near Your Waist.

3. Now Slowly Take a Deep Breath in Through Your Nose and Fill Your Belly With Air.

4. Notice How The Book Rises As You Inhale. Once Your Belly Is Full Of Air, Hold Your Breath For 10 Seconds.

5. Then Gently Breathe Out Using Both Your Nose and Your Mouth and Watch The Book Slowly Go Down. As You Breathe Out, Hum A Note Or Make The Sound “Haaa”.

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6. Repeat This Breathing In And Out For 10 More Times.

7. You Can Hum A Different Note Each Time You Breathe Out or Make The Same “Haaa” Sound Each Time.

This Is Possibly The Best Breath Control Exercise For Singers As It Will Gradually Build The Strength Of Your Abdominal Walls And Slowly Retrain You To Breathe With Your Belly Whenever You Sing.

Once You Have Become Comfortable With Taking 10 In and Out Breaths With The Book On Your Belly, You Can Then Switch To A Heavier Book. After You Become Comfortable With That Book, Then Start Using Multiple Heavy Books.

As The Strength Of Your Abdominal Walls And Your Diaphragmatic Muscles Gradually Increase You Will Become Much More Comfortable At Singing.

Once You Are Able To Comfortably Breathe With Your Belly And Sing, Then Do This Exercise Standing Up.

Only This Time Instead Of The Book, Place Your Hand On Your Abdomen And Press Inward. Then Breathe In And Expand Your Belly Pushing Your Hand Away From Your Body. Remember To Always Sing A Note On The Out Breath.

This Simple Breathing Tip Will Help Singers Get a Clear, Strong Voice Of High Tonal Quality Every Time They Sing.

Please Go Through Over & Over Again until You Understand It.

Let Me Have Your Feed Back.

By Blessing David
*Sweet Scales Music Intl


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    Thanks, I learnt something from this

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      Hi Doris,

      We’re glad you did.

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    i want a video of it

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